Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sailor-inspired pants

Three Dots wide leg sailor pant,, $110. Very cool look for casual pants. Lux High-Waisted Sailor Pant,, $58. Machine wash. Better get started on those crunches...Dickies Wide Leg Roll Up Pant,, $17.99. Call me crazy, but I think these could work!North Star Sailor Pants,, $98. I'm listing these very cute pants last because they are dry clean only.


Kelly Crawford said...

Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line also has an awesome pair for super cheap :) I love these two altough all the men in my life tease me "aye aye captian" when I wear them but hey they are flaterring on my now demolished two pregancy tummy!

Elizabeth Moon said...

Thanks for the tip--I will check them out. SJP's Bitten line is so cute!