Monday, February 18, 2008


One of my favorite style-isms is the concept of high/low. Pairing high priced items with low. One idea: t-shirt with cardigan. (Not to say t-shirts are always low-priced!) I think this gives a nice youthful vibe.
Delias has some great t-shirts. And they are really soft.
Paris Life Tee,, $24.50.Madeline Two Straight Lines Tee,, $24.50 (save $10 when you buy 2).Etsy is a great place to find shirts that no one else is likely to have. Like this one by Pretty Raccoon, $31.Or this one, by discobelly, $25. (It's maternity.)

And now for the cardigan...
I like this one from Old Navy, $24.50, machine wash.
***Old Navy also had a zebra-print cardigan in their store the other day, but I couldn't find it online. I think it would look amazing with one of these t-shirts.Or try this beautifully detailed Ruffle Cardigan by JCrew, $88, dry clean.


nicole said...

HEY! Maybe I DO have some style! I just got that cardigan the other day. Only mine is cream. So maybe I am still boring.

leah said...

I just ordered one of the maternity shirts. They look cute and they are so much cheaper than anything else I've come across. THANKS. Oh, I got the yellow shoes too (I LOVE THEM). I think I remember you wearing them. The biggest size available was a 7 (I usually wear a 7 1/2) so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they fit!