Monday, July 14, 2008

gap maternity jeans

We've had a request for more maternity, and since I am currently in the market for maternity clothes, here are two outfits from Gap to start off with...
Gap maternity, jeans, $68, cami, $28, cardigan, $60.
Gap maternity, three quarter sleeve crewneck, $38, tank, $16.50, wide leg jeans, $68, scarf, $20.

Project Couture Vintage

Kelly has another great tip for everyone: Project Couture Vintage. The clothes are really different and affordable. The styles actually remind me of the kinds of things I saw all those hip ladies in Tokyo wearing. Thanks Kelly!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

ELIZA magazine

"Eliza Magazine is created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle. Eliza strives to bring you the best of fashion without any of the trash."

I recieved my copy of the Spring issue a couple weeks ago, (after ordering it in April, my only complaint)and I give it a thumbs up. Beautifully photographed fashion editorials, professionally presented graphics, well-written articles, covering a range of topics. At four quarterly issues for $16, I encourage modest and modern women to support Eliza magazine!