Monday, February 18, 2008

gladiator sandals

I'll admit, these took some getting used to, but they've actually grown on me. Brown, black, and metallics are all good choices. I usually feel that a metallic is the most versatile. Or is that just my inner princess...? Nine West, Jobilyn,, $80. Also available in black and a really pretty light gold.
cocobelle studded city II sandal,, $98. I like these in brown better, but they are sold out everywhere.Gladiator sandals, Old Navy, $19.50 Same trend for a lot less.
Isaac Mizrahi for Target Liz Gladiator Sandals,, $24.99. Oh, you knew Target would have a version, too. This one comes in several colors as well. Might work for all of you who like the phrase, "I can't pull that off."


kelli said...

I like all of the sandals. I can't wait for summer! Thanks for all of the style advice-I love looking at your stuff!

nicole said...

Um, yeah, I can't pull that off. I always swore I'd never get stuck in an era. But I'm afraid I'm in too deep. Or maybe it's just the mommy uniform I can't seem to shed. Yikes.