Friday, March 21, 2008

style profile: Leila

This multi-talented (professional make up artist, photographer, filmmaker...) up-and-comer is currently in grad school to be a physician's assistant.

Leila, (pronounced Lee-la), you have fabulous style, and we want to know more...

Three words to describe my taste: Trendy, Sophisticated, Fun!
My three favorite clothing stores include: The Limited, Banana Republic, and Anthropologie.
The best season for clothing is Fall because I love wearing knee high boots and trench coats!
When traveling, I never leave home without... a simple black t-shirt. It is easy and is always slimming!
I've got a great style secret: Really know your body shape and flatter what you've got! For example, I have a really short torso and long legs, so to even things out I wear finished shirts that hit below my hips or just leave my shirts untucked.
I get inspiration for my personal style from: Reese Witherspoon and Cate Blanchett-these women know how to dress their type of body!
My worst fashion-victim moment: Be careful of being too trendy! I look back at my freshman year of high school and cringe when I remember body suits, rolled jeans, and the "waterfall" bangs!

Here's is an outfit from Banana Republic Leila can wear to class/work...Short sleeve empire waist top, Banana Republic, $20. Torso-lengthening top in a great color.Wear the top over these versatile glen plaid trousers...Martin glen plaid wide leg pant, Banana Republic, $70.
It probably gets chilly in the hospital! 3/4 sleeve crochet button cardigan, Banana Republic, $64.

Thanks, Leila!


Leila said...

Love the post!! Thanks again! It was sooo much fun! I also love the Banana Republic shirt you picked!
Love you!

Darcey said...

Fun post! I love the orange shirt and the wide leg pants... I haven't been to Banana Republic for a while, I need to go!

Anonymous said...

I am a new on-looker of your blog! I am a friend of Kelly C. and I love this site! I love cardigans and i loved all the pictures, I like to button mine all the way up as well! ever since i got married I seem to migrate straight towards the sales at JCREW, Banana and Anthro! It may look silly but I have loved my finds for a better cost!