Wednesday, March 12, 2008

style profile: Darcey

Hello Darcey! You have great personal style and we want to know about it.
Tell us a little about yourself...
Where did you grow up? Longmont, Colorado
Where do you live now? Chandler, Arizona
What is your occupation? Social work
Favorite splurge store? Express and Nordstrom
Favorite save store? Target
I feel stylish when... I actually spend time putting my outfit together! Like my favorite jeans with heels and a cute top.
Three words that best describe my personal style: casual, feminine, versatile.

Darcey recently had on this super-cute top...Gray Tuxedo Front Top,, $35. Hers was deep purple and she wore a layer underneath...
Great find, Darcey. Thank you!


Creamy Clothing said...

You have a very cute blog. My sister-in-law referred me to it as I have a fashion blog too. Mine is a little different, but I get some good ideas from you. Hope you don't mind my idea snatching! Keep up the good work. My blog is Take a look sometime!!

Laurel said...

LOVE the tuxedo look. Very cute! Darcey does have a very cool personal style, too. What a fun profile!

Darcey said...

Hey, that's me! :) Can't wait to learn about someone else's personal style!

Amy said...

you're beautiful darcy!