Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I recently rediscovered the clothing company Esprit. They've got an abundance of fetching apparel on their website. Here are my favorite picks for spring/summer:check babydoll shirt, Esprit, $50. I love the colors in this subtle plaid.

mix cardigan, Esprit, $80. Now that is a cute sweatshirt.full needle hood cardigan, Esprit, $40. So is this. I like the way they call them "knit cardigans."
laura summer skirt, Esprit, $80. Attractive silhouette combined with useful basic.
stripe voile skirt, Esprit, $70. Love the pockets.
madras check dress, Esprit, $60. This is probably too short on its own, but I still think it's lovely.
easy print dress, Esprit, $60. Dazzling.
cute cargo dress, Esprit, $80. A great way to wear leggings with a dress.
print silk dress, Esprit, $110. Incorporate the Safari trend into your wardrobe.
Jersey roundneck top, Esprit, $25. I like the color and the cut of this top.


Anonymous said...

I remember them! I had a sweatshirt or a shirt and the E didn't have the vertical line in it. Anyway, I loved it!

Kelli Radmall said...

Really cute stuff. I remember Esprit in it's hay-day. I remember my family went to the Esprit outlet in San Francisco and I was very excited. I like the gray sweatshirt and the dresses.

Krista Hansen said...

I remember the Esprit outlet too Bells. I didn't know they were still around. I loved the skirts and the last shirt. Great finds!

Krista Hansen said...
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Darcey said...

Some of my favorite shirts in middle school and high school were from Esprit, I didn't know they were still around! Cute stuff!

Leila said...

Hey cuz...I have another brown bridesmaid dress request. I am in a wedding at the end of June in Phoenix...yikes so hot! Anyway, I am trying to find something A-line with is so much harder than I thought. If you find anything please let me know.
Thanks! (A skirt and shirt combo is fine too)