Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring/Summer Essentials No.6

I've been on the road for a couple of days, without internet access, but I'm back!

The Maxi dress. Long and billowy, these floor-skimming dresses are the embodiment of the current silhouette trend of fitted around the bust and then loose around the stomach. Romantic and charming, flattering...especially on taller women.

They look great during the day, or for dressier occasions.

Definitely pair this look with wedge heels, thong sandals, and embellished flip flops.

Shabby Apple has a new dress that follows this trend using neutral colors... Cleopatra, Shabby Apple, $59. This is a great choice because you don't need an undershirt.

All the other maxi dresses I have seen require an undershirt. But don't let that stop you!

The other great way to wear this look is to select a bold, colorful print. This incorporates two more of the season's trends...bold prints and safari influence.

I love this print (the Spring Blossom Summer Dress, $138) from C& C California: Right now they are offering Free Shipping on all C&C California orders through 5.09.08!

I also like the safari vibe coming from this one by Victoria's Secret, $55.

This orange and pink print from Delia's is my personal favorite...It's the Jaclyn Dress, $50. Delia's also has a great shipping deal going on:
Free shipping on orders $25 or more, plus new summer arrivals at d*ELiA's! Use code DWFAFF. Offer valid through 6.11.08.

I also want to add that this style is simple to sew...I made one in college that I loved. So you may want to try a little sewing adventure.

I'm dying to know: how do you feel about the long and lovely Maxi?


mary elizabeth said...

loving that dress from delias!!

by the way, my name is mary & i know mallory (she was in my home stake, and she is one of my best friends cousins, and one of my other best friends friend...hehe)

i heart this blog, thanks for all your wonderful style tips!

The Piepers said...

Definitely like these... the second dress reminds me of the bohemian/beach style dresses that were popular when I was in h.s.

Now.. they look good on tall women, but what about us short folk?

Rebecca said...

I am so obsessed with dresses! A year or so ago I bought one from Target for about $20 and I have worn it quite often ever since! I love the new BEAUTIFUL styles and patterns coming out now and as soon as I can I have a lot I want to buy! Thanks Elizabeth!

Rebecca said...

oh and I also I understand the whole short thing- I'm 5'3"- but I feel awesome in long dresses. Hopefully, I look ok too and it's not all just in my head.

Amy G. said...

i'm all about anything stylish that doubles as a cover for my not so stylish legs!