Monday, May 19, 2008

Essentials No. 7

Layering undershirts.  I wear them with just about everything, just about every day.  

While I have worn shirts by Shade ($17.50 each or 3 for $48) for the last couple of years and I still like their brand, I was a bit frustrated by how easily my son was able to pull at the neck opening and completely ruin the elastic, which looks kinda stupid.  Last week a friend recommended On the Hip...I ordered three white layering shirts for just $10 each.  I was a bit worried about the quality at that price, but they got here super fast and I've been loving them.  The quality is great.  Very soft, nice length, and the neck has thicker binding that my one-year-old can't seem to stretch out.
There are several other brands available online.  Undertease is actually the first one I tried. They are a bit pricey, $29 for one, but they do have some lovely colors.  Their fabric in my experience is super stretchy.  I prefer a slightly looser fit, but I have friends who love this brand.

Now here's a new idea:
If you only need more coverage around your neck and arms, Mia Bellina has cropped layering shirts, $10.95.  Has anyone tried this one?  
I have a vague memory of a band of fabric someone sells, something like a tube top so you can just add length if if you prefer.  However, I have been unable to locate that product.  Anyone know more about this?

Another online brand available is Down East Basics.

Their prices are always low, just $9.99 per shirt.

Next, we have Layers.  Classic, $17.
Here's another brand, ModBe.  
Their Second-Skin capsleeve is $18.

Coverwear also offers a capsleeve for $18.
And finally, Divine ModesTee has a capsleeve basic as well.  One for $18.95 or 3 for $52.
So, do your wear layering shirts?  Which brand do you prefer?


mary elizabeth said...

i wear mostly under shirts from down east... absolutely love them!

i have a long sleeve tee from layers, that i got a few years back don't super love because the hems have come undone :(

i have also worn shades under shirts, and like those ones a lot too, they are thicker than the down east shirts, which can be nicer sometimes. but can you really beat $9.99 at down east? i submit you can not!!

i literally wear one of these shirts every day. today i'm wearing a white one from down east. it is fabulous!

Kelli Radmall said...

I wear mostly shade shirts because they sell them at Costco here, which has been awesome because it really cuts down on the price. I like them, but now they are kind of bugging me in the armpit area. They sneak up and make me sweaty. I don't know if I just sweat more after having a baby or what, but I have a couple from down east and they are not as tight in the pits, so there. I like both of them-stinky mcsweaty

Anna said...

I've tried the half-shirt thing from Mia Bellina. It works nicely under certain things, but I have to warn you they run small! My (pre-pregnancy!) frame is a size 0, occasionally a 2 and its not like I have a big bust so I ordered it in the smallest size they have (I think its a small, I'm pretty sure they don't actually carry an XS) and that thing is snug!!!

Krista Hansen said...

I usually just get shade shirts from Costco (less than $20 for two). They have limited color choices but the price is right. I tried layers brand when they first came out, but the material is cheap, all the hems are out and all the shirts are pilling. I hate pilling (sp?)! I really do wear these layering shirts almost everyday.

The Piepers said...

I have shirts from both Shade and Modbe. While I don't have a baby pulling on my neck, the Shade elastic has still stretched out at the top. Not sure why? Modbe seems to run tight.. and don't seem as long. My best friend loves the Layers undershirts.

During my pregnancy (even now at 9 months) I've been wearing a "Bella Band", which works to give you extra length or pull in/hold up your pre-maternity pants so that can continue wearing them. I think they would work really well even if you aren't pregnant. They are made by Isabel and Ingrid, but sold by others, I found mine at the Doula shop through amazon? I got 2 (1 black, 1 white) for about $50, but they are great quality, and have served me amazingly well!

jason, vanessa, and halle kate said...

You must have been reading my mind... I bought a dress at H&M on Sat. and it def. needs an undershirt. I was going to ask your advice on what brand to get. You are right on top of things! Thanks!

leah said...

I love Undertease...I am willing to pay the little bit extra because they don't fall apart in the neck like the undershirts from Shade. My one frustration with Undertease is that they always seem to be out of stock on the size and color I want.

Anonymous said...

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