Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sensible strappy heels

Darcey said, "I want a pair of somewhat strappy, yet comfortable, sandals - with an ankle strap - in either black or tan, with a short heel 2-2½". Oh, and it's gotta be under $40. Preferably under $30."
These sandals below are Anissa by Clarks, but they are $84.

Here's the good news. I found a pair of Clarks very similar to these at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago for just $30. And they are extremely comfortable. Finding quality shoes on sale is the ideal situation, but here are a couple other finds for you just in case...

Some super inexpensive ones by Payless, Hoffman sandal, $23. Or how about these from CutesyGirl, just $17. A lot higher heel than you asked for, but they are an attractive low-cost option.


Laurel said...

Go figure... I love the $84 ones. :) But we all know I am a shoe snob. Ha! All very cute options, and the wedges are generally very comfortable in the heels world. Good luck hunting, Darcey!

KP said...

Yup, me too. In LOVE with the spendy version. It's great to see something that I like that much. Now if I can just find it. Most of the time I settle for something less and am sorry. Now that I have these in my head I'll be much more determined!

Darcey said...

I meant to write this earlier, but funny story!
I think it was the day before you posted this that I was out on my quest for these shoes, and stopped in Clarks (even though I have never been there before and normally would never go there - it looks like a lot of leather and stuff my grandma would wear).
I tried on the two "sexiest" looking pairs in the store, and the second pair was PERFECT! Not only that, but they were on sale from $80 down to $50. AND they are the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever owned - and I think they will last a long time!
If I hadn't found them before reading this post, I would have checked out Clarks the next time I saw it, thanks to your post, and would have found my dream shoes anyway!

Here is the pair I got:

Darcey said...

Just for fun!
Here is a picture of my niece wearing one of the shoes:

Anonymous said...

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